Fishes is a recurring gameplay element in the Antarctic Adventure series. It either serves as gaining score points or as a money exchange.

Antarctic Adventure

In Antarctic Adventure, fishes are used to scores points. They pop out from holes and if Penta catch them, he earns points. The scoring may depend of the versions of the games. Somes games such as the NES or GB/GBC versions have two colored kind of fishes.

MSX version:

Red Fish: 300 points.

Coleco version:

Red Fish: 300 points.

NES version:

Red Fish: 300 points.
Green Fish: 500 points.

GB/GBC version:

Black/Purple Fish: 500 points.
Grey/Green Fish: 300 points.

Mobile version:

Blue Fish: 700 points.

Penguin Adventure

In Penguin Adventure, fishes still pop out from holes, but in this case they are now used as a currency to buy items at the Eskimos shops, they can also be used for playing the Jackpot minigame. The fishes now have differents colors; they can come in Red, Grey or Pink, depending of the areas the player is in. But even if the color is different, the value is the same, they have 1 of value.

Red Fish: Value 1.
Grey Fish: Value 1.
Pink Fish: Value 1.

Additionally, it exists a yellow fish, this one can only be found in the Bonus Stage and if caught, it grants Penta one extra life.

Yellow Fish: Grant one extra life.
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